bitch house

Bitch House
Mon 13 aug – Sat 18 aug – Minus One Gent

This summer we are getting a residence in the Minus One for one entire week!
We decided to transform all that space into a BITCH HOUSE!

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The theme of our BITCH HOUSE started out as ‘claiming back the streets’.

We want to scream in the faces of our harassers, visibly label them as problematic,
we want to show the world that we will not tolerate a society that still tells girls to dress modest, instead of telling boys to keep it in their pants. We want to show the world that we will not let queers or any kind of minority be beaten down in the streets. Or yelled at. Or whatever.

RECLAIMING the streets… But how?

We’re hoping that art can be a sort of activism.
So we are opening the doors of the Minus One for everyone that wants a voice.
Everyone that desires a place to create. Everyone that needs a safe space.

Whether you are a lifelong artist or a first timer,
it doesn’t matter what your gender/sexuality/nationality is,
you are welcome in our Open Atelier.

We’re hoping to get people connecting.
Creating. Throwing stuff. To get fucking angry.

This is our first step into RECLAIMING space.
Reclaiming the streets.

Let’s do it together.

From Tue 14 till Thu 16 aug, between the hours of 14u and 22u, you can just walk in and come make stuff with us. But we do also have a couple of fixed workshops.

♥  Mon 13 aug  ♥

We are doing some secret stuff.
Contact Ann-Sophie Dewaele to learn more.

♥ Tue 14 aug ♥

15h – 17h TIE DYE WORKSHOP (byo white clothes or textiles) **
20h – 22h LIVE MODEL DRAWING (byo supply if possible)

Wed 15 aug

15h – 18h DEFENSE CLASS (women and people who were socialized as women) **
20h – 22h SCREEN PRINTING (byo tshirts or textiles if you want to) **

♥ Thu 16 aug

15h – 17h TBA
20h – 22h TBA

If you want to subscribe to any of the flagged (**) workshops,
you can contact Ann-Sophie Dewaele

♥ Fri 17 aug 

Some reclaiming of the streets to be done.
contact Ann-Sophie Dewaele to find out more

♥ Sat 18 aug

We’re closing down Bitch House with QUEERKOORTS, a big-ass queer & consent party that brings as much organizations together as possible to party in a warm environment.

RSVP on Facebook – Queerkoorts

banner Queer Koorts

See you at BITCH HOUSE!