Tunes on Tuesday #7


What’ya mean girls don’t make good music? The Girls go BOOM playlist is here to prove you wrong. Every Tuesday, we’re adding 5 female artists to our list. Consider it a mixtape given to you by a girlfriend.


Inspired by the Slits, art-student Gina Birch and her friend, Ana da Silva, formed the Raincoats. “I went and bought a cheap, brown, grotty bass guitar,” says Birch, “the cheapest I could get.” She took the guitar apart and spray-painted it a more aesthetically pleasing sparkly blue and The Raincoats became one of punk’s most radical figures.


Chicks on Speed began life as an art-school joke, three girls in a fake band polluting pop with feminism. Having grown into proto-electroclash agitators, the Berlin-based trio have silently watched their Euro-cool and edgy keyboards being embraced by a generation of young women embracing their irony.


The Manchester female quartet Pins make doney indie with a sharpened edge and are known for their lo-fi cool live performances that got them asked on tour with Sleater-Kinney last year. Pins’ dazed harmonies and 80s-indebted indie jangle is a perfect combo of spikiness and swoon.


Vancouver punk trio White Lung makes noisy and brash music, determinately punk and fronted by a woman with an unfuckwithable public persona. Singer Mish Barber-Way’s also writes cool texts about gender and music for publications such as Rookie and Vice.


Veruca Salt guitarist and vocalist Nina Gordon met her bandmate Lou-ise Post in 1993 in Chicago. Together, their breed of alternative rock took the airwaves and MTV by storm, and over the next few years, they toured with Hole, Live, and PJ Harvey. Veruca Salt may have peaked early, but their sound is so quintessentially ’90s that it will always be classic.