Tunes on Tuesday #6


What’ya mean girls don’t make good music? The Girls go BOOM playlist is here to prove you wrong. Every Tuesday, we’re adding 5 female artists to our list. Consider it a mixtape given to you by a girlfriend.


It was Viv Albertine of the Slits who described the fiery grrrl-punk trio Skinny Girl Diet as following. “At last, real girls, young and believable, singing in their own voices. The music is raw, direct and unpretentious – these girls are timeless.” This fearless girl gang is equipped with treacle-thick guitar riffs, pummelling drumbeats and a no-fucks-given attitude reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s bright star Kim Gordon or the heady heyday of Courtney Love


Boyfriend‘s sure something something: An elementary school teacher by day and a raunchy internet rap sensation by night, her inventive rhymes equal parts lewd and literate. New Orleans performer Boyfriend mints a new kind of hip-hop couched in satire, cabaret, and sex-positivity.


X-Ray Spex injected a much-needed burst of colour and fun into a punk scene that was increasingly nihilistic and destructive. Although not lacking the necessary anger and energy to make it on the scene – only listen to Poly’s shriek at the beginning of signature track Oh Bondage! Up Yours!: Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard. Well I think, oh bondage, up yours.” – X-ray Spex never took themselves too seriously, and soon distinguished themselves by their difference to the rest.


The Julie Ruin started out as an independent record produced by Kathleen Hanna produced for the most part in her appartment in Olympia while she took a break from Bikini Kill. She now teamed up with her former Bikini Kill bandmate Kathi Wilcox, Kiki and Herb’s Kenny Mellman, Carmine Covelli, and Sara Landeau and made a second studio album on which Kathleen Hanna’s vocals are empowered and her lyrics are as pointed and poignant as ever. What’s more: on 30 November you can find them on stage at the Botanique.


Teen queens and best friends Cleo Tucker & Harmony Tivida have been dominating the LA DIY indie-scene as Girlpool with their shrieking voicesraw guitar-bass arrangements (no drums) and simple nursery rhyme-goes-Americana melodies for a while now and they’re starting off with a UK and Europe tour soon.