Tunes on Tuesday #4


What’ya mean girls don’t make good music? The Girls go BOOM playlist is here to prove you wrong. Every Tuesday, we’re adding 5 female artists to our list. Consider it a mixtape given to you by a girlfriend.


Tacocat is a feminist surf pop quartet from Seattle. Their songs are packed with sharp and witty humour, as they like to bash on basic shittiniess of day-to-day mundanity, all the while making some bitchin’ waves of fun surf pop. And they did the soundtrack of the last Powerpuff Girls, bonus points!


New Jersey’s Screaming Females, with actually only singer Marissa being the female that’s doing the screaming, is a straight-forward punkrock band, self-producing album after album with squeling guitar rock that’s grown craftier and more distinct over time.


Heavens to Betsy only released one album, 1994’s Calculated, but the duo remain a riot grrrl cornerstone. Mainly because singer Corin Tucker went on to form Sleater-Kinney, and because Betsy were one of the acts that appeared at Girl Night at Olympia’s International Pop Underground convention in 1991, the mythologised event that shone an international spotlight on the movement.


Cherie Currie was just 15 years old when a teenage Joan Jett spotted her at a glam rock nightclub in LA and asked her to front The Runaways, America’s first all-girl rock band. The Runaways went on to tour internationally, performing to packed-out venues and revolutionising the male-dominated rock world with riotous nonchalance.


Founded by Toronto-based best friends Katie Monks and Liz Ball, Dilly Dally‘s music is heavy and melodic and shows nods to Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers, and even The Pogues. heir band name kinda makes them sound like they’re a light-hearted – let’s skip together in a field of flowers – sort of group but they actually make grungy songs filled with honoust aggression.