Tunes on Tuesday #3


What’ya mean girls don’t make good music? The Girls go BOOM playlist is here to prove you wrong. Every Tuesday, we’re adding 5 female artists to our list. Consider it a mixtape given to you by a girlfriend.

1. L7

L7 was a fearless LA rock band that just happened to be four women. Once, during a technically hampered set at Reading festival, and the crowd started slinging mud at the band, vocalist Sparks retorted in the manner that only a badass grrrl would: she removed her tampon and tossed it into the crowd.


Hinds is a four-piece band with a delightfully contagious girl gang energy. Their sugary garage makes you feel like hanging out with your friends on a mellow summer eve and do absolutely nothing that can be seen as productive. Some of their lyrics are pretty smart too:  “I know you’re not hungover today – you are classifying your cassettes!”


The Banshees‘ founding members – Siousxie Sioux and Steven Serevin – were among the original punk scensters,part of the Sex Pistols entourage that featured on the infamous Today show with Bill Grundy (the show that rocketed punk to the mainstream, you know). Siouxsie doesn’t only have an iconic look that made her the Godmother of the Goths, she’s also recognized as one of the most influential British singers of the rock era.


War on Women is an expression in US politics used to describe certain Republican Party policies and legislation as a wide-scale effort to restrict women’s rights, especially reproductive rights. And that’s exactly what this hardcore band protests against. War on Women doesn’t dance around their feminist agenda, they hit you in the face with it, screaming lyrics as “Fuck yeah I had an abortion” and “Give us the pill!”


A four-headed gang of jangly harmonies, guitar interplay and wired, exuberant energy on stage. Indie-pop awesomeness if you ask us. Watch out for them, we predict big things for The Big Moon.